Helpful Information for Unit Sales

disclosure statement - general

If you are using a REALTOR, please have them contact me for a temporary access code. 

    • Please make the new buyer aware that if they are provided this code it will be deactivated when the unit is sold, and they will need a fob to access the building.

    • Realtors can place key boxes in the sidelight of the unit that is for sale

  • If you are NOT using a REALTOR, you will need to make yourself available to let potential buyers into the building and into the unit. 

  • Provide a COPY of the DECLARATIONS, BYLAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS to your realtor and/or to potential buyers.

    • Copies are also located in the homeowner portal for download

  • CONDO QUESTIONNAIRES – You must disclose this fee on your Disclosure Statement.

  • CLOSING LETTERS – Ordered through

  • TRANSFER FEE - $125

  • CAPITAL CONTRIBUTION/INITIATION FEE – 2 months of Association’s Dues.  This is not refundable.

  • SELLER MOVE Out Fee -$250 – This must be completed prior to moving out of the Condo and prior to the closing

  • SELLER Moving DAMAGE Deposit - $250 – This is refundable

  • BUYER MOVE in Fee - $250 – The buyer will pay this at closing

  • BUYER Moving DAMAGE Deposit – The buyer will pay this at closing.  If there is no damage or other issues, a credit in the amount of $250 will post to the owner’s account

  • MOVES – All moves in or out of the building must be scheduled a minimum of 7 days in advanced and are only allowed Monday – Friday between 8am and 6pm.  Failure to schedule a move will result in a minimum $100 fine. (Please refer to the Rules and Regulations Document for additional details)

  •  LEASING– Only 10 Units are allowed to lease at any given time. 

    • Permits are for only 3 years at a time

    • Owner must occupy the unit for 1 year prior to being eligible to lease their unit

    • Owner must be in good standing and have no open violations

    • NO TRANSIENT TENANTS OF ANY KIND – Including, but not limited to AirBnB, VRBO, Home away, couch surfacing, etc.

  • There is only 1 elevator on property.  NO FREIGHT ELEVATORS

  • There is no loading dock or ramp area.

  • Moving trucks cannot fit inside the parking deck.

  • Units with Parking Spaces – There is an additional maintenance fee of $14.18 per month for basic garage maintenance.  Any repairs above and beyond that cost are specifically assessed at time of service.

  • FHA – This community is NOT FHA approved​


  • TRASH SERVICE – The community has trash service 6 days a week

  • RECYCLING– The community has recycling pickup 2x per week

  • COMPOST – This is available upon request.  Kits are ~$15

  • GRILL CLUB – Available upon request - $200/year

  • GARDEN CLUB - Available upon request – Included in dues

  • PARKING- There are only 18 spots onsite and they are deeded to a specific unit.  If the unit you are purchasing does not currently have parking you will need to make arrangements at one of the local parking garages. 

    • ONLY owners with parking spaces may lease or sell their space to other owners and residents.

    • The association does not facilitate the sale or lease of a parking space outside of any required amendment that would need to occur to reassign a purchased space.


    • Internet – 100mbps – If you want more than 100mbps it may be requested and billed to you separately.

    • Cable – 360 channels – If you want additional packages, it may be requested and billed to you separately.

  • ROOF DECK – Replaced 2019

  • BICYCLE PARKING – Located in the Storage Area.  If you have a bike that you wish to store their, please contact management for access

  • SCOOTER PARKING (i.e. Buddy style) – There are limited spaces for rent located in the storage area if you have a scooter.  Please contact management for pricing and other details.

  • PEST CONTROL – Monthly pest service is included for the common elements.  Unit pest service is the responsibility of the homeowner.


  • ELECTRICITY for the Unit is NOT included with the HOA dues.

  • WATER for the Unit is billed by a 3rd party.  Management will handle the Ownership transfer for billing.  Usage will post to owner account on a monthly basis.


  • Seller – Contact AT&T to tell them you are moving and need to terminate service

  • Buyer – Internet and Cable are included in the monthly HOA Dues. 

  • Contact AT&T at 866.299.6824 to set up new service.

  • You will need a temporary access code to locked equipment rooms.  This code can be requested Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm 48 hours prior to your service appointment.

  • Access is needed to the telecom cage in the maintenance room in the garage, the 3rd floor, and the 6th Floor.

  • The fiber is glued along the baseboard of the unit and is very thin, almost invisible.  Do not cut the fiber.

  • GAS– There is no gas service at this property.


  • It is recommended that an H-O6 policy is purchased in addition to your homeowner’s policy to cover the Master Policy Deductible in the amount of $5,000

  • Questions may be directed to:

       Kurt Lillie 

       Bouvier Insurance

       1230 Peachtree St. NE Suite 1900

       Atlanta, GA  30309

       Local: 615-610-6038 x107

       Toll Free: 800-357-2000

       Fax: 615-610-6039


  • LOCKS – Only a keyed lock that matches the locks throughout the building are allowed.  No electronic locks of any kind.  Changing the style of lock will result in a $25/day fine.

  • KEYS– you must have a copy of your key on file with management and alarm code if you have a Security System.   

  • TRASH CHUTES are located on each floor before the Elevator Lobby. 

  • WATER METERS: Each unit has a submeter installed inside their unit.  They are located at one of the following Locations: Pantry, Hot water heater, Kitchen or Bathroom Sink. 

  • STORAGE UNITS - All storage units are currently under a lease agreement.  If/When a unit becomes available it will be offered to the building.  First come, first serve


  • MANAGEMENT COMPANY – Silverleaf Management – Office Hours 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday

    • 770.554.3984


    • 24/7 Emergency Service (This is for emergencies related to the common elements – Fire, flood, trapped on elevator, garage door is stuck in the closed position, building doors do not open)

  • ELECTRICITY - Georgia Power -

    • 1.888.660.5890

  • NES – National Exemption Service (Issues with your Water Bill)

    • 1.800.488.1748 or 727.724.5940

  • PLUMBER: Fix and Flow

    • 404.800.3569


Kessler City Lofts Condo Association is managed by Sarah Hohwald with Silverleaf Management. 


(Do not contact us for information about rental units)

3755 Harrison Rd. Suite 100,

Loganville, GA 30052


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