Helpful Information for Unit Sales

disclosure statement - general

If you are using a REALTOR, please have them contact me for a temporary access code. 

    • Please make the new buyer aware that if they are provided this code it will be deactivated when the unit is sold, and they will need a fob to access the building.

    • Realtors can place key boxes in the sidelight of the unit that is for sale

  • If you are NOT using a REALTOR, you will need to make yourself available to let potential buyers into the building and into the unit. 

  • Provide a COPY of the DECLARATIONS, BYLAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS to your realtor and/or to potential buyers.

    • Copies are also located in the homeowner portal for download

  • CONDO QUESTIONNAIRES – You must disclose this fee on your Disclosure Statement.

  • CLOSING LETTERS – Ordered through

  • TRANSFER FEE - $125

  • CAPITAL CONTRIBUTION/INITIATION FEE – 2 months of Association’s Dues.  This is not refundable.

  • SELLER MOVE Out Fee -$250 – This must be completed prior to moving out of the Condo and prior to the closing

  • SELLER Moving DAMAGE Deposit - $250 – This is refundable

  • BUYER MOVE in Fee - $250 – The buyer will pay this at closing

  • BUYER Moving DAMAGE Deposit – The buyer will pay this at closing.  If there is no damage or other issues, a credit in the amount of $250 will post to the owner’s account

  • MOVES – All moves in or out of the building must be scheduled a minimum of 7 days in advanced and are only allowed Monday – Friday between 8am and 6pm.  Failure to schedule a move will result in a minimum $100 fine. (Please refer to the Rules and Regulations Document for additional details)

  •  LEASING– Only 10 Units are allowed to lease at any given time. 

    • Permits are for only 3 years at a time

    • Owner must occupy the unit for 1 year prior to being eligible to lease their unit

    • Owner must be in good standing and have no open violations

    • NO TRANSIENT TENANTS OF ANY KIND – Including, but not limited to AirBnB, VRBO, Home away, couch surfacing, etc.

  • There is only 1 elevator on property.  NO FREIGHT ELEVATORS

  • There is no loading dock or ramp area.

  • Moving trucks cannot fit inside the parking deck.

  • Units with Parking Spaces – There is an additional maintenance fee of $14.18 per month for basic garage maintenance.  Any repairs above and beyond that cost are specifically assessed at time of service.

  • FHA – This community is NOT FHA approved​


  • TRASH SERVICE – The community has trash service 6 days a week

  • RECYCLING– The community has recycling pickup 2x per week

  • COMPOST – This is available upon request.  Kits are ~$15

  • GRILL CLUB – Available upon request - $200/year

  • GARDEN CLUB - Available upon request – Included in dues

  • PARKING- There are only 18 spots onsite and they are deeded to a specific unit.  If the unit you are purchasing does not currently have parking you will need to make arrangements at one of the local parking garages. 

    • ONLY owners with parking spaces may lease or sell their space to other owners and residents.

    • The association does not facilitate the sale or lease of a parking space outside of any required amendment that would need to occur to reassign a purchased space.


    • Internet – 100mbps – If you want more than 100mbps it may be requested and billed to you separately.

    • Cable – 360 channels – If you want additional packages, it may be requested and billed to you separately.

  • ROOF DECK – Replaced 2019

  • BICYCLE PARKING – Located in the Storage Area.  If you have a bike that you wish to store their, please contact management for access

  • SCOOTER PARKING (i.e. Buddy style) – There are limited spaces for rent located in the storage area if you have a scooter.  Please contact management for pricing and other details.

  • PEST CONTROL – Monthly pest service is included for the common elements.  Unit pest service is the responsibility of the homeowner.


  • ELECTRICITY for the Unit is NOT included with the HOA dues.

  • WATER for the Unit is billed by a 3rd party.  Management will handle the Ownership transfer for billing.  Usage will post to owner account on a monthly basis.


  • Seller – Contact AT&T to tell them you are moving and need to terminate service

  • Buyer – Internet and Cable are included in the monthly HOA Dues. 

  • Contact AT&T at 866.299.6824 to set up new service.

  • You will need a temporary access code to locked equipment rooms.  This code can be requested Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm 48 hours prior to your service appointment.

  • Access is needed to the telecom cage in the maintenance room in the garage, the 3rd floor, and the 6th Floor.

  • The fiber is glued along the baseboard of the unit and is very thin, almost invisible.  Do not cut the fiber.

  • GAS– There is no gas service at this property.


  • It is recommended that an H-O6 policy is purchased in addition to your homeowner’s policy to cover the Master Policy Deductible in the amount of $5,000

  • Questions may be directed to:

       Kurt Lillie 

       Bouvier Insurance

       1230 Peachtree St. NE Suite 1900

       Atlanta, GA  30309

       Local: 615-610-6038 x107

       Toll Free: 800-357-2000

       Fax: 615-610-6039


  • LOCKS – Only a keyed lock that matches the locks throughout the building are allowed.  No electronic locks of any kind.  Changing the style of lock will result in a $25/day fine.

  • KEYS– you must have a copy of your key on file with management and alarm code if you have a Security System.   

  • TRASH CHUTES are located on each floor before the Elevator Lobby. 

  • WATER METERS: Each unit has a submeter installed inside their unit.  They are located at one of the following Locations: Pantry, Hot water heater, Kitchen or Bathroom Sink. 

  • STORAGE UNITS - All storage units are currently under a lease agreement.  If/When a unit becomes available it will be offered to the building.  First come, first serve


  • MANAGEMENT COMPANY – Silverleaf Management – Office Hours 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday

    • 770.554.3984


    • 24/7 Emergency Service (This is for emergencies related to the common elements – Fire, flood, trapped on elevator, garage door is stuck in the closed position, building doors do not open)

  • ELECTRICITY - Georgia Power -

    • 1.888.660.5890

  • NES – National Exemption Service (Issues with your Water Bill)

    • 1.800.488.1748 or 727.724.5940

  • PLUMBER: Fix and Flow

    • 404.800.3569